Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Are you tired of looking at your old worn out hardwood floors? Our revolutionary process can make your hardwood floors look new again. MaxCare offers dust free hardwood floor refinishing.

Because our machines are truck mounted, dust from sanding is vacuumed instantaneously out of your house! Our equipment includes a sander, edger and a buffer that are all connected to our truck vacuum system.

MaxCare™’s dust free hardwood floor refinishing process deep-cleans, strips, polishes and buffs hardwood floors. MaxCare™ is a leader in hardwood refinishing. What separates MaxCare™ from the competition? It has to be our state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and values.

What Does This Really Mean?

MaxCare™’s research and development team has designed equipment with our customers in mind. We found that what they dread most is the mess created by the sanding necessary in refurbishing hardwood. That’s understandable because the old way leaves dust everywhere. Most people found it necessary to evacuate their homes during the sanding process and then returned to dust throughout their entire home.

With MaxCare™’s exclusive technology, dust is never a problem; there simply isn’t any. There is never any need to cover pictures, food, furniture, glasses or cabinets. Only MaxCare™ offers dust free sanding.

No Dust Means No Mess

This means no mess, no inconvenience or specks of dust, ever. Now there is a choice; dust or no dust. The answer is always MaxCare™’s dust free system. It’s a fact that MaxCare™’s revolutionary hardwood refinishing system is so advanced and so far ahead of others systems. It’s proof-positive that MaxCare™ leaves the competition in the dust.

The MaxCare™ refurbishing process is quick and drying time is always minimum. As a result, there are fewer interruptions in the daily business or house-hold. Best of all, the savings are significant. Refurbishing cost is usually a fraction of the cost of replacing.

In most cases, you do not have to leave the house during the process. Our proprietary floor refinishing system virtually eliminates clean up, cutting days off the refurbishing process. You may choose a stain color, or refinish the wood naturally.

We complete our four step process with two or three coats of high quality finish to provide luster and durability for years to come. Our top quality hardwood floor finishes also dry in minimal time, allowing you to resume your daily routine. Depending on the location of the room you are refinishing, there is no need to move out during the project.

The MaxCare™ Difference

MaxCare™ has created a new standard in floor cleaning and hardwood floor restoration with their “no hidden charges” policy. You will receive a quote that includes everything start to finish.

All MaxCare™ technicians are uniformed, licensed and insured. Our technicians are professional and courteous and receive intensive training and certification before they serve you. Our patented dust free hardwood floor refinishing technology is proprietary to MaxCare™ insuring your total satisfaction.

We are here to take care of you, the MaxCare™ way!   Contact Us!